Art at the workplace

Since 1995 the OPES Group has invited artists from Central Switzerland to exhibit their works in its offices. The juxtaposition of art and the world of financial figures generates a creative tension, encouraging discussion and leading to interesting encounters. The exhibition enriches our daily working environment. At the same time, it is also indicative of our striving for perfection and innovation. We want – like the art – to astound and inspire our clients and partners.

2018 - Marlise Mumenthaler

2017 - Alois Hermann

2016 - Irène Wydler

2015 - Monika Müller

2014 - Irene Naef

2013 - Raphael Egli

2012 - Rochus Lussi

2011 - Otto Heigold

2010 - Edith S. Ambühl