OPES | Latin: “The means to achieve something and help others”

At your Side. | The OPES Group has offices in Emmenbrücke, Lucerne and Zug. It brings together comprehensive expertise in the fields of family business services, finance and accountancy, real estate, taxes, corporate consultancy and auditing. Our target clients are small and medium-sized enterprises as well as private individuals and public organisations in Central Switzerland. OPES is organised in the form of a partnership. Our partners are entrepreneurs and guarantee exceptional commitment and dedication in the interest of long-term client solutions.




Foundation of OPES Treuhand AG as an enterprise in the form of a partnership by Dr Meinrad Frey and Erwin Kunz, with domicile in Lucerne.


Opening of the office in Emmenbrücke.


Reorganisation of the OPES Group as a holding company. The shareholders of OPES Holding AG are partners and clients of the OPES Group.

Acquisition and integration of the company WELCOME Immobilien AG

Opening of the office in Zug.

The OPES Group is currently run by 11 partners, and comprises three subsidiaries held by the holding company OPES Holding AG:

ZESAG Sachwalter AG
WELCOME Immobilien AG


Our corporate culture rests upon three strong values. Values which we live and nurture day-in, day-out, and which explain the impressive performance of OPES.


Partnership is our essential philosophy. Vis-à-vis our clients, as well as within the context of our active cooperation within the team. Responsibility, mutual respect and trust are the prerequisites needed to create and structure long-term and intact relationships.


Enthusiasm for the task at hand is what drives our above-average commitment and dedication. Coupled with knowledge, experience and emotional competence, we develop a momentum in challenging projects that achieves a great deal.

Added value

We aim to achieve more than our clients expect from us. We do this by listening and taking the necessary time, by exercising intellectual dexterity and by developing and implementing tailored solutions.


Social responsibility

Since 2017 we are office partner of Wasser for Wasser. We offer our customers in our meeting room tap water and prepare the mineral water using a drinking water dispenser itself.

About Wasser for Wasser.